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History of Political Ideas

  1. Introduction, Object, Methodological Approaches and Main Periods
  2. Specific Factors of Eastern Political Thought
  3. Political Thought of Ancient Akad and Shumer
  4. Political Thought of Ancient Babylon. Hamurappi Laws
  5. Political Thought of Ancient Egypt
  6. Political Thought of Ancient India
  7. Political Thought of Ancient China
  8. Political Thought of Ancient Greece. Political Models (Athens and Sparte). Mythological Period
  9. Political Thought of Ancient Greece. The Period of Prosperity
  10. Political Thought of Ancient Greece. Hellenistic Period
  11. Political Thought of Ancient Rome. Official Ideology
  12. Political Thought of Ancient Rome. Cicerone, Stoistics and Jurists
  13. Political Thought and Ideas of the First Christians
  14. Islamic Thought. Sheri'a Sources and Legal Trends
  15. Political Thought During European Middle Ages up to Reformist Ideas (16 century)
  16. Political Ideas of Nicole Macchiaevelli and Jean Boden
  17. Political Ideas during the Classic Absolutism in France
  18. Political Thought during the Reformist Period
  19. European Absolutism Evolution. The Enlightenment
  20. The Enlightened Absolutism. General Features
  21. The Enlightened Absolutism Representatives
  22. Liberal Theory Yielding. John Lock's Political and Legal Theory
  23. Aristocratic Liberalism. Charles Louis Montesquieu
  24. Theory of People Sovereignty. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  25. Theory of National Sovereignty. Emmanuel Seyes
  26. Political Thought of English and Dutch Revolutions
  27. American Political Thought
  28. Liberal Political Doctrine
  29. Conservative Political Doctrine
  30. Socialist Political Doctrine
  31. Positivist Ideas of August Compte and his Follows
  32. Racist Political Ideas
  33. Anarchist Political Ideas
  34. Fascist Political Doctrine
  35. Green Political Thought
  36. Modern Political Thought in Third World
  37. Modern Political and Legal Trends and Theories (19-th and 20-th centuries)