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History of Middle East

  1. Mecca in 6-7 century
  2. Mecca as Cult Center
  3. First Data for the Prophet Mohamed
  4. The Outset of the Islamic Spread
  5. The Prophet Mohamed in Yatreb
  6. Islamic Dogmatic Set Up
  7. The Prophet Mohamed Battles (Al Ghazauat) Aiming to Spread the God Message in Hidjaz, Nadj and Arabic Peninsula Coasts
  8. Embryonic Features of the Islamic Statehood
  9. The Quasi Prophets' Riots
  10. The Prophet Mohamed Death
  11. The First Khaliph. Abu Bakr (632-634)
  12. The First Steps of Abu Bakr. The Pious Dynasty Set Up (632-660)
  13. Clashes with Sassanite Iran
  14. The Wars of the Second Pious Khalif - Omar ben Khatab (634-644)
  15. Osman ben Afan (644-656) and Ali ben Abi Talib (656-661). The Infighting and Pious Dynasty Crack Down
  16. The Ommeyad Dynasty (661-750)
  17. The Abasside Incursions and Ommeyd Dynasty Crack Down
  18. The Abasside Dynasty (750-1258)
  19. Relations between Abassides and Byzantium
  20. The Second Abasside Period. The Turks (847-935)
  21. The Third Abasside Period. The Bueihs (946-1005)
  22. The Fourth Abasside Period. The Seldjouks (1055-1195)
  23. State Entities Independent from the Abasside Khaliphate
  24. The Fatimide Khaliphate (909-1171)
  25. The Islamic Maghreb and Andalusia
  26. The Struggle between the Islamic and Christian Religion during the Crusades. The Aubiins Period (1093-1250)
  27. The Mameluks' Period (1250-1526) and the Ottoman Rule of Islamic East
  28. Islamic Political Regimes and Institutions
  29. Local and Ministerial Administration
  30. Islamic Legal and Security System
  31. Islamic Army
  32. Finances and Taxes Policy
  33. Islamic State Economy
  34. Arabo-Islamic Social Life
  35. Education and Cultural Life
  36. Islamic Art