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    The Sword of Islam is an important retrospective work and serious academic contribution towards revealing the intricate and leapfrogging process of transformation of Islam into Islamism. Through the historical approach John F. Murphy, Jr. traced on how some of those who profess Islam, one of the three beautiful religions, which bloomed in the desert land of Palestine, misunderstood Good tenets and forgot the message of love that accompanied each monotheistic faith.

    As historian J. Murphy. Jr. shed a light on the logical process of Islamic statehood setting up and as expert of terrorism he disclosed the growing extremist trend stem from the speculation of the Prophet's religious philosophy. It is noteworthy focusing on the details provided about the interconnections among diverse terrorist cells that in practice shaped the so-called Islamic Terrorist International - Osma ben Laden's Al Qaeda, Talibans in Afghanistan, Muslim Brothers spread within Arab world, Palestinian Hamas, Jihad and PFLP, Lebanese Hizbulah, Philippines' Moro Front, etc…

    The author also stressed a common, terrifying thread sprang from coordinated terrorist acts such as killing of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972, suicide bombing of USS Cole in 2000 and the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attack. It is impressive on how the research gained an insight into Islamic terrorists' speculations and manipulations of Islamic public opinion in regard to US support for the state of Israel with objective to ground their crimes, to recruit followers and to topple the just peace settlement for the entire region of the Middle east and Central Asia.

    The Sword of Islam relies on a wealth of monographs, travelogues, clippings, varied periodicals as well as personal contacts with participants in the described events that enriched the aforesaid book on both empirical and theoretical level.