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Varna Free University
Faculty of Administrative and Political Sciences
Varna Free University
9000, Varna r.s. Tchaika
Tel. +359 52 35 68 18
Fax. + 359 52 35 68 16

Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski",
Center for Eastern Languages and Cultures
1303, Sofia, 79, Naicho Tzanov, Str.,
+ 359 2 930 83 15

Contact Address:

Center for Regional and Confessional Studies
Bulgaria, Sofia 1113
P.O. Box 86
Tel. + 359 2 72 91 65
Fax. + 359 2 741 301


Date of Birth: 22 April 1960
Place of Birth: Athens, Greece
Family Status: Married, one child
Gender: Male
Citizenship: Bulgaria, Europe
Languages: Arab, French, English and Russian


  • High School Lycee Francais de Mutuelleville Tunisie,1979;
  • B.A. Social Sciences, Damascus University, Syria, 1986;
  • M.A. Social Sciences, Damascus University, Syria, 1987;
  • Ph.D. Political Science (International Relations), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, Supreme Attestation Commission, Government of R. of Bulgaria, 1993;
  • Associate Professor, Political Science (International Relations). History of Political Movements (Ethnic and Confessional Politics), Sofia University, Varna Free University, Supreme Attestation Commission, Government of R. Bulgaria, 1998.


  • July 2002- Director of Center for Regional and Confessional Studies;
  • October 2000 - Professor in Sofia University;
  • February 2000 - Visiting Professor in New Bulgarian University;
  • April 1999 - 2002 - Director of Bulgarian Center of Middle East Studies;
  • September 1998 - Visiting Professor in Sofia University;
  • September 1997 - Present Full-time Associate Professor in International Relations and Political Sciences, Varna Free University;
  • September 1995 - 1998 - Editor-in -chief of journal International Relations and Expert in National Agency for International Relations;
  • January 1991 - 1995 - Assistant Professor in Burgas Free University and Varna Free University;
  • September 1989 - 1990- Research Fellow, Institute for Political Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


Theory of Foreign Policy, History of Political Ideas, History of Middle East, Political Systems and Regimes in Central Asia, Islamic Law, Methodology of Scientific Analysis.


  • Legal Systems in the Arab and Islamic Countries;
  • Muslim Minorities in the Balkans. Social, Educational and Cultural Problems;
  • Higher Education in Bulgaria. Conferring Academic Degrees and Ranks;
  • Theories of Democracy, Dep. of Political Sciences, Varna Free University, 1995;
  • The Movement for Rights and Freedoms. An Historical Approach, Dep. Of Political Sciences and International Relations, Varna Free University, 1998;
  • Bulgarian Foreign Policy Priorities in Caucasus and Central Asia, Varna Free University, 2000
  • Fundamentalist Political Parties in the Islamic Areas. Comparative Analysis, Institute for Philosophical Researches, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2001;
  • European Foreign Policy of Bulgaria after the Cold War (Human Rights Standards) , Institute for Philosophical Researches, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2001;
  • Methodology of Master's Degree Obtaining, New Bulgarian University, 2001;
  • Ethnic Policy in Post-Communist Bulgaria, Varna Free University, 2001;
  • Doctoral Degree as Educational and Academic Degree, New Bulgarian University, 2002


  • Member of Editorial Board of Annual journal of Burgas Free University, Law Faculty, 1992 - 1995;
  • Director of Program International Relations and Political Science, Burgas Free University, 1993-1995;
  • Editor-in-chief of journal International Relations, Bulgaria, 1995 - 1998;
  • Expert of National Agency for International Relations, Bulgaria, 1995-1998;
  • Editor-in-chief of journal Policy and Administration, Varna Free University, Bulgaria, 1999;
  • Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Administrative and Political Sciences, Varna Free University, 1999;
  • Member of EARN, European Association of Research Network, 2000;
  • Editor- in- chief of East-West online journal, periodical of BCMES, 2000;
  • Member of European Association for Middle East Studies EURAMES, 2000;
  • Member of Central Eurasian Studies Society, (CESS), based in Harvard, 2000;
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal "Filosofski Forum", Bulgaria, 2000;
  • Member of International Society of Dialog among the Civilizations, Institute of Islamic Studies, London, UK, 2000;
  • Member of Research Team "Democratic Governance in Multiethnic Societies of Southeast Europe", Fellow in LGI Program, Central European University, Budapest, 2001;
  • Member of the International Board of the Center for Dialog and Tolerance, Podgorica, Montenegro, 2001;
  • Correspondent of CESS for Bulgaria, 2002;
  • Member of National Center of Education, 2002;
  • Member of European Consortium of Political Science, based in Antwerp, Belgium, 2002.


I. Monographs:

  1. Islamic Fundamentalism. From Theoretical Framework to Regional Dimensions, East-West Pub. House, 2004, pp. 438
  2. Foundation of the Islamic Statehood, Ed. By Mediacom Pub. House, Sofia, 1994, pp.545;
  3. History of Political Thought, ed. By National Association for International Relations, Sofia, 1995, pp. 300;
  4. Philosophy and Theory of Islamic Law, co-author with Ph.D. V. Gueorguiev, ed. by Lic Pub. House, 1997, pp. 340;
  5. Foreign Policy and Ideas, ed. By Paradigma, Pub. House 1999, pp. 401.

II. Articles:

  1. 1991 - The Challenge of the Islamic Rebus in front of the Bulgarian Society. Central Asian Experience, Journal of Contemporary Researcher, Vol., Sofia, p. 5 - 25. (in Bulgarian);
  2. 1994 - Islamic Criteria for the Formation of the State Boundaries as Component of Bulgarian Military Doctrine, Journal of National Military Paper, Sofia, p. 29 - 44. (in Bulgarian);
  3. 1995 - Political and Legal Elements of the Islamic Theory of International Relations, Journal of International Relations, Vol. 4, p. 56 - 69. (referred, in Bulgarian)
  4. 1995 - American Conservative Thought, Journal of International Relations, Vol. 5, p. 101 - 120. (in Bulgarian);
  5. 1996 - Sources of the Islamic Theory of International Relations (Islam-Christianity relations), Journal of International Relations, Vol. 6, p. 5 - 15. (referred, in Bulgarian);
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  13. 2000 - Muslim Diaspora's Behavior and its Influence in Non-Muslim Ambience, Research Project, DAVO-Nachrichten, Germany, Vol.11, February. pp. 14-24, (referred, in English);
  14. 2000 - Balkan Islamic "Partization", Paper, International Conference in Bishkek, Kyrghystan, organized by Soros Foundation, 6-8 June. (referred, in English);
  15. 2000 - Bulgarian Ethnical Model. National Version of the Dialog of the Civilizations, Paper, Conference "The Dialog of Civilizations", 26-28 October, Institute of Islamic Studies, London, UK, available online, (referred, in English);
  16. 2000 - Balkan-Arab Relations. General Features, Strategic Studies Journal, The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies & Research, Abu Dhabi, (forthcoming, referred, in Arabic);
  17. 2001 - Higher Education in Bulgaria the Most Difficult Field to Be Reformed, Balkanski Dialog, Vol. 4, 21-28 May, pp. 2-19;
  18. 2001 - Bulgarian Ethnic Model. A Pragmatic National Version of Multiethnic Dialog, paper presented at the LGI program in CEU, (forthcoming, referred, in English);
  19. 2001 - An Etymological Retrospection of Religious Fundamentalism, in Ethnic and Minority Issues in the Balkans, Sofia, Stopanstvo Univ. Press, p. 25-41. (in Bulgarian);
  20. 2001 - Bulgarian Ethnic Construction. The Challenges of the Crisis in Macedonia and the Rising of the Institutionalized Royalty, International Workshop in Podgorica, Montenegro, organized by the Center for Dialog and Tolerance, 1-15 April. (in English);
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  22. 2001 - Bulgaria: Past, Present and Multi-Ethnic Future, Dialog with Sam Vaknin in Central Europe online Review, United Press International (in English);
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  24. 2002 - Central Asian Studies in Bulgaria: Main Trends and Perspectives, Central Eurasian Studies Review, Harvard Forum for Central Asian Studies, Vol.1, Num. 3, pp. 2-10 (co-author with Roumiana Andreeva-Chukova, referred, in English);
  25. 2002 - State, Law and Constitution. The Case of Bulgaria, reference of Masis Hadjolian's Book, Balkan Academic Forum, (referred, in English);
  26. 2002 - The Act of Academic Degrees and Ranks - the Last Communist Bastion within Bulgarian Higher Education System, Contemporary Index (forthcoming).
  27. 2003 - Book review, Murphy, John F., Jr., Sword of Islam: Muslim Extremism from the Arab Conquests to the Attack on America, New York, Prometheus Book, 2002, 424 p., ISBN 1-59102-010-7, Newsletter, e-Extreme, N 5, 2003, European Consortium of Political Science, Standing Group of Extremism & Democracy, Belgium, Antwerpen (forthcoming, referred, in English)

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